Founder Scott Pando completed 1,000 hours of intensive training in Swedish, Connective Tissue, Sports, Esalen and Reflexology modalities of massage. He studied at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1983. He has practiced in North America, Europe, and Asia, for thirty years. With study in the areas of Traditional Chinese medical principles, as well as chair massage and continued education, Pando founded San Francisco Massage Works in 1997 and has worked very closely with his well trained team offering outstanding chair massage services to businesses, and at events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.

Pando states, "The benefits of touch are basic, yet profound. I have seen it practiced first hand, in traditional cultures in places like India, and Nepal where it's not uncommon to see mothers rubbing oil into their babies' skin as part of the morning bath. In Thailand the most renowned Thai massage school is situated in a temple in the heart of Bangkok! Massage is also being practiced in our contemporary mainstream cultures such as: Japan, and the United States where consumers and business people queue daily to enjoy a chair massage in shopping malls and store fronts. Throughout the US, chair massage is being offered on a corporate level where it has come to be commonplace, considered a well recieved investment in corporate wellness, which yields a high return".

Our business provides certified massage therapists who come to your office or workplace with their specially designed massage chairs. They will leave you smiling and relaxed with their dedicated, friendly service and skilled chair massage techniques. We are Dan Francisco's most established charm massage service, and have been in the San Francisco bay area for over 15 years. Our massage professionals bring an affordable and convenient seated massage service to your office. Choose San Francisco Massage Works for your employees as a special incentive program to celebrate the completion of a special project or as part of your company's regular wellness program .