If you find that improving employee morale and productivity is of value to your company's bottom line, then why wait? Our efforts might also help to significantly reduce salary-related expenses if workers compensation payments for stress related illnesses are part of your salary expenses.

If on one hand San Francisco Massage Works can help you reduce expenses, and on the other it can help improve employee morale, which translates into employee retention, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line, why not give us a call?

You may want to absorb the entire cost, offer our services at a subsidized rate, or minimally, set aside a location and a time during working hours during which employees can be massaged in fifteen-minute increments.

In any event, these programs send your employees a much-appreciated message about their value to the company.

San Francisco Massage Works will be happy to tailor a program to fit your company's needs.

Our business provides certified massage therapists who come to your office or workplace with their specially designed massage chairs. They will leave you smiling and relaxed with their dedicated, friendly service and skilled chair massage techniques. We are Dan Francisco's most established charm massage service, and have been in the San Francisco bay area for over 15 years. Our massage professionals bring an affordable and convenient seated massage service to your office. Choose San Francisco Massage Works for your employees as a special incentive program to celebrate the completion of a special project or as part of your company's regular wellness program .