Chair massage is an on-site stress reduction technique that's proven so effective, it's offered regulary at organizations such as: AT&T, Apple, Google, and Kaiser Permanente.

Chair massage is the manipulation of muscles in the neck, shoulder and upper arms. It's ideal for people feeling stress from normal pressures of work, or who experience muscle tension from spending hours at a computer.

At San Francisco Massage Works, we provide our own chairs, and have only fully licensed massage therapists on staff. It's done on portable chairs, engineered for massage, and set up on site in a spare office. Needless to say, it requires no disrobing. All that employees have to do is loosen a tie, or unbutton a top button.

Our business provides certified massage therapists who come to your office or workplace with their specially designed massage chairs. They will leave you smiling and relaxed with their dedicated, friendly service and skilled chair massage techniques. We are Dan Francisco's most established charm massage service, and have been in the San Francisco bay area for over 15 years. Our massage professionals bring an affordable and convenient seated massage service to your office. Choose San Francisco Massage Works for your employees as a special incentive program to celebrate the completion of a special project or as part of your company's regular wellness program .