If you are involved in a tradeshow, convention, or sponsored event, consider offering chair massage! San Francisco Massage Works can tailor a program to fit your specific needs. We can adjust the number of therapists or length of the massages to accommodate the number of people you want to reach.

People spend 10-15 minutes seated listening to relaxing music through headphones while being massaged by our experienced, courteous, and professional staff. They leave the chairs relaxed, alert, focused, and grateful. Moreover, your event will be a uniquely positive, and memorable experience.

Sponsors and attendees spend hours travelling. They will have been on their feet carrying bags, or sitting for hours in meetings. Imagine how good it feels having their neck, shoulders, and backs rubbed. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, this is a great way of saying thanks, while sending the message that your organization recognizes the importance of their comfort and well being.

People will stand in line for thirty minutes for a massage! Ideal for VIP rooms and returning alumni.

People are often surprised because this service is so affordable. The massage chairs, which take up very little space, can be placed strategically to help provide effective traffic flow through a convention center, banquet room, or hall. Bulk discount rates are also available.

San Francisco Massage Works will provide:
· Massage Chairs
· Experienced, courteous, professional, licensed therapists
· Equipment (music source, music, & headphones)

City / State:
Off-Site Event
Seminar / Meeting
Employee Recognition
Other - please describe:

The approximate date of your event?
What is your approximate budget and how many people will be attending?

Our business provides certified massage therapists who come to your office or workplace with their specially designed massage chairs. They will leave you smiling and relaxed with their dedicated, friendly service and skilled chair massage techniques. We are Dan Francisco's most established charm massage service, and have been in the San Francisco bay area for over 15 years. Our massage professionals bring an affordable and convenient seated massage service to your office. Choose San Francisco Massage Works for your employees as a special incentive program to celebrate the completion of a special project or as part of your company's regular wellness program .